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Magic That Gets Under Your Skin!

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The Brothers O’Brien

We at Inkllusionist believe that Tattooing and Deceptive Performance are a linked form of fine art. In the joining of these two ancient arts, a skilled practitioner can bring about the senses of wonder, awe, pleasure in viewing and the literal creation of something from nothing. We have taken years to become master craftsmen of this art form and it is our deepest pleasure and honor to bring it to you.

Our goal is to bring old world craftsmanship and winning showmanship to our beloved art form that has all too often been the victim of massive misrepresentation. So, it is with a sense of Victorian charm, coupled with 21st century technology, we work to bring you the most highly skilled tattoo and enjoyable experience available.

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Inkllusionist Tattoo Booking Information

We at Inkllusionist work very hard to provide a unique experience in the world of tattooing and performance.  Our goal is to make the art of Tattooing and Illusion into the most cutting edge art that fits together seamlessly in one unique package.  

Tattoos and Designs

The Brothers O’Brien have been working in the tattoo field for over 20 years.  Specializing in unique works unlike anything ever seen in the field of tattooing. Their multi award winning Neo-Victorian (Black Steam) style has been featured in magazines and made them regulars at the nations tattoo conventions.

If you are looking to be tattooed by one of the Brothers O’Brien, the best way to contact us is through email.  You can email us at the following address for the each of the brothers.

For Tattoos and Designs by The Synystr Mr. Syxx

For Tattoos and Designs by The Diabolical Dr. SeVeN

Tattoo Conventions

The tattoo convention can become the crowning achievement of a lot of hard work, or a tedious nightmare of scheduling where the booking of good artists, artist vendors, and quality entertainment, can seriously rack the very best to their soul, cutting into time that should be spent advertising and organizing.

The Inkllusionist can provide more then just another set of artists with a black banner thrown against the wall at your tattoo convention. With their multi award winning ‘Pandemonium Mansion’ Tattoo Booth you can be sure to have something that will become the centerpiece of your convention. 

We are currently obligated to several events in our schedule, including The InkLife Tour, and several other one off shows. If you contact us we can tell you exactly what is required to have us at your event.