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The Brothers O’Brien…

We at Inkllusionist believe that Tattooing and Deceptive Performance are a linked form of fine art. In the joining of these two ancient arts, a skilled practitioner can bring about the senses of wonder, awe, pleasure in viewing and the literal creation of something from nothing. We have taken years to become master craftsmen of this art form and it is our deepest pleasure and honor to bring it to you.

Our goal is to bring old world craftsmanship and winning showmanship to our beloved art form that has all too often been the victim of massive misrepresentation. So, it is with a sense of Victorian charm, coupled with 21st century technology, we work to bring you the most highly skilled tattoo and enjoyable experience available.

Mundus Vult Decipi
The Synystr Mr. Syxx & The Diabolical Dr. SeVeN 

Booking Information

Are you looking for that special element to your upcoming event, or are you lacking that something extra to put your entertainment over the top?  The Inkllusionist are the perfect fit for tons of events. 

Have the Inkllusionist help to make your next corporate event, charity event or festival event, even more amazing with a little sharp edged Neo-Victorian humor and charm.

We at Inkllusionist have a lot of different packages that we offer.  They can be tailored from full performance productions, in between acts, tattooing, or event hosting/ MCing.  From the large to the small we have something that can fit into most budgets.  Our shows are tailored to our audience and we work family friendly at dozens of events every year.

Performance requirements for full stage show.

  • A stage is optional, but out doors or banquet halls are acceptable. (for outside performances some show alterations may have to be made)
  • Full PA is required, with the ability to play music and handle three mic inputs. (for small diner parties, and some very small settings PA may only need to play music)
  • 12 foot head clearance is required
  • 20 x 20 feet performance space
  • 5 foot buffer between performance and audience is proffered
  • 30 minutes of setup time required.

The Price List

The Inkllusionist are more than just your run of the mill tattoo artists. They are world-class performers, tattoo artists, and major event quality MC’s.  Able to entertain crowds, from ages 6 to 60 The Inkllusionist are able to bring charm and wit to any event.

* This price includes up to 70 miles travel, anything over that will be discussed and agreed on before the finalizing of the event.

** The Inkllusionist offer many other features, and have several other people that we work with it that it is possible to add onto an event that we do.  We offer the use of our in house photographer for the cost $100 (a CD of the events photos will be provided for you by the end of the event.)


The Copper Hat

This is the least expensive of the Inkllusionist events.  Very popular for birthday parties, and events that are already in motion and need that over the top performance added on to make a night super special.

What you Get:

Participation in the bullet point of your event ‘EG: singing happy birthday’

One hour of walk around magic, balloon animals and greeting of guests.

45min Stage Show (including guest of honor on stage)

One hour after event, photo ops, and autograph session.

Cost $400*

The Brass Ring

This package is for the event where you need the night taken out of your hands and placed into that of the pros.  Make someone else the face and voice of your event.  We will take care of your entertainment and MC’s needs all in one. This is the package that corporate events and weddings most often like to use as it takes you from soup to nuts of your event, without the head ache of ‘how is the night going to go?’

What you Get:

Opening of doors, to closing of doors participation in event.

Participation in the bullet point of your event ‘EG: singing happy birthday’

One hour of walk around magic, balloon animals and greeting of guests.

45min/ to 1 hour Stage Show (including guest of honor on stage)

One hour after event, photo ops, and autograph session.

Full Co MC’ing of the entire event. To include; introductions of other entertainers, guest of honor, contests, pageants or other event entertainment.

Help in the lay out of your event as it pertains to the entertainment.

Cost $800*

The Gold Ring “one ring to rule them all”

This is the package you pick when you need everything done for you.  Popular with people that need us help plan every aspect of the event.  From finding a DJ, other entertainers, color schemes and event planning of all means methods and types.

Cost: Contact us for a Quote

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