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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a listing of the most common questions that we get asked and we have put them all here to help you understand what we do and how to get in touch with us.

Fear not, The Inkllusionist are coming to the rescue!

Q: How can I get tattooed by the Brothers O’Brien?

A:  Best way to get tattooed by us is to contact us by email to set up a time for a consultation.  We take walk ups as often as we can (in shop, at tattoo conventions and guest spots) but as travel, performing and our becoming more in demand it is getting harder and harder for us to do this.   We strive to do the best with scheduling and it is what will allow us to make sure that your work receives our full attention.  We travel all over the country and have people that travel from all over the world to be tattooed by us, so please do understand if it takes a while to get to you.  Flooding our inbox, and insistent calls will not make us rush.  Nothing good is ever rushed and you wouldn’t want us to rush on your work.

Q: What kind of tattoo work do you do?

A: We largely work in the Neo-Victorian Surrealism field (or as we call it Black Steam).  Which is a very fancy way of saying we work in doing what no one else does.  Our specialties are the things you won’t or can’t find anywhere else.  Please look at the pictures on our sites for examples

Q: Do you custom design a tattoo to my specifications?

A: Yes we do.  We specialize in doing custom single reproduction tattoos biased on our customers input.  Now, that does come with a bit of a limitation on it.  We have to make sure that what you want to do with your tattoo is by the very definition doable and lasting.  As longs as it will look good and last forever we are always interested in doing custom work.

Q: I have and an upcoming event and want to the have the Inkllusionist to perform what can they do to my event to making it amazing?

A: We are a trio of performs and artists.  With craft skills in Tattooing, Magic, and stage performance we can often tailor our skill set around what you need.  Our current stage show called Something Wicked is a 45 minute full magic and sideshow performance.  We do pre and post show walk around magic and balloon animals.

Q: Do you guys perform for anything or do you guys just do tattoo conventions?

A:  We will perform at just about anything.  We have opened for rock bands like Static X, Drowning Pool and Mushroomhead, as well doing corporate events.  Our show is performable on many levels and is a perfect fit for parties, public events, and store opening.  We do a lot of tattoo conventions and are touring performers with InkLife Tour (Americas largest Music and Tattooing Festival) and Villain Arts, so we can work with just about any setting.

Q: I will have children at my event will this be a problem?

A: Absolutely not.  Our show is 100% family friendly.  We do balloon animals for kids and have a lot of close up magic that is perfect for children.

Q: I have an event and no hosts or entertainment can The Inkllusionist do both?  

A: Yes we can. The Inkllusionist have a multitude of packages available to try to fit your needs for whatever event you happen to be planning.  (please see our book us page) From dinner parties to corporate events, birthdays, to tattoo conventions, we can design an event for you and your company, or you and your family.   We strive in providing experiences unlike anything you will find in the Art Entertainment world.

Q: Do you do birthday parties?

A: Yes, we do.  That being said, if your child or love one is so young that they are easily entertained by jinglingly your car keys in front of them, we may not be the best fit for you.  While we can perform for children we are a really more geared for the 9 and above crowd.  Much below that age they may not enjoy our show and forms of entertainment.  All of our acts are bit on the Tim Burton edge and style, so we are often a perfect fit for that child or love one in your life that loves Nightmare Before Christmas.

Q: Can you do an adult dinner party or my wedding?

A:  Yes we can.  This is a request we get more and more.  We can do dinner parties and weddings but they do take a bit of planning.  We will need to know the exact amount of space you have available (including ceiling heights and local fire codes) and what kind of theme you are going for.  We have a ton of experience for just showing up and entertaining a room full of people, but the more information we have on your event the more we can tailor it to the night and make it extra special. 

Q: Can you be at my tattoo convention, do your show and MC the event as well?

A: Yes, we can.  In fact this is what we specialize in doing.  More then anything we can work at adding that flavor of professionalism that comes from having Victorian gentlemen and ladies hosting your event.  We bring a multi award-winning booth that will be the centerpiece of your show, world-class tattoo art, and top quality hosting to any event that we work at.  We can introduce other acts, make announcements, MC contests, and keep your event flowing smoothly.  We strive to make every event into a night to remember!

Q: I have an tattoo event and I need a whole weekend’s worth of entertainment as well as more tattoo artists and venders can you help coordinate my event?

A: Possibly… While we are not strictly event coordinators, we do have many connections to the world of tattooing and performing artist, as well as creative and unique items that you can have at your event.  We are not the guys and gal to ask about chair rentals and that sort of thing but we have done hundreds of events/conventions and are always willing to help bring our event throwing skills and abilities to bare on anything that we are connected to.

Q: What is your availability for events?

A: We are always looking for new events to work at, but it comes with limitations in our schedule.  It is always best to email or call us to see if we will be in a city near you for events.  Please do keep in mind that we do book up very fast.  Between the obligations we have to Tattoo Tours, and other Tattoo conventions, we often have to book events a year in advance, but we are always willing to talk about new scheduling possibilities

Q: Can you DJ my event?

A: Yes and no.  Firstly we are not DJ’s in the strictest sense of the word. That being said we do have a good selection of music from our given style of performing.  If you are doing a Neo Victorian themed party or event, or just want that dark and creepy vibe to your event then we are the group for you.  We do not provide speakers, mixing consoles, or anything along those lines.

Q: What do you require to Tattoo/perform/ host and event?

A: That depends a lot on what type of event you have planned.  For smaller parties we may just need to some furniture out of the way, and at other event we will need full stage, PA and lighting rigs.  It will all depend on how elaborate your event is.  Please contact us to let us know about your event and we can let you know what it will take for us to be able to do your event.